Why Buy Easy Pullout Shelves?
1) Easy Pullout Shelves are the EASIEST to Install.
2) Easy Pullout Shelves offer the Highest Quality…anywhere.
3) Easy Pullout Shelves offer the BEST VALUE.

1st Reason:
Easy Pullout Shelves are the EASIEST to Install.
In order for ANY pullout shelf to roll in and out smoothly, there are (2) absolute requirements:
1. The rails (on which the pullout drawer box rolls) need to be nearly perfectly aligned, meaning that the left rail needs to be parallel and level with the right rail.
  a. Every Easy Pullout Shelf comes with its unique, patent-pending Easy Install Track. We have riveted (2) galvanized steel bands to the left and right bottom rails so that they are perfectly aligned at the factory.
  b. Simply place the Install Track onto the cabinet's floor or shelf, center it within the cabinet opening and attach it with (6) screws….DONE!
  c. Alternative products require you to install the left and the right bottom rails separately making it difficult to get the proper alignment necessary for smooth operation. Some products even require that you install these rails on the side walls making an already difficult job even harder.

It is almost as if the Easy Pullout Shelf was "installed" at the factory,
simply attach it for a quick & accurate installation every time!

2. The pullout drawer box needs to be a perfect rectangle for it to roll without snags on the perfectly-aligned bottom rails.
  a. Every Easy Pullout Drawer wood box is a "perfect rectangle" because it is manufactured using computer-controlled machinery with a tolerance of only .03 inch.
  b. Our 50,000 square foot factory uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced quality control processes. This results in great accuracy and consistency while producing 1000's of boxes per month.

NOTE: If you want to have your Easy Pullout Shelves measured and installed for you, we can arrange for that service anywhere in the continental United States. Click here...

2nd Reason:
Easy Pullout Shelves offer the Highest Quality…anywhere.
It is also important to know how the pullout drawer box is made since it has to support as much as 100 lbs and its front piece will be pulled forward many hundreds of times.

There are essentially [3] types of joinery used by most Pullout Shelf manufacturers to join the [4] corners of the wood drawer box: nail and glue, dowel and glue or dovetailed joinery.

Of these three, most people will agree that the dovetailed method results in the strongest pullout drawer box. Clearly, a dovetailed front piece is nearly impossible to pull away from the side pieces versus the nailed/glued method.

Every Easy Pullout Shelf Drawer is "furniture-quality" dovetailed joinery and is made from 9 ply Baltic Birch (for the side and back pieces) with a 9 ply Maple front piece. The bottom is 5 ply Baltic Birch that is beautiful, strong and lightweight versus Melamine pressed wood. The box also has a clear-coat polymer finish allowing it to be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Unique to Easy Shelf Pullouts, specialized machinery applies a wood-toned vinyl band to the top edges of our ply-wood box. This edge banding prevents grime from seeping into the exposed tops of the ply-woods from years of repeated handling.

Unlike most of our competition, our rail hardware is mounted under the Easy Pullout Shelf drawer box. This offers many advantages:
  1. Under-mounted rails do not waste the ½ "of space that side-mounted rails need on each side of the box in order for the rails to clear the cabinet opening.
  2. Under-mounted rails are inherently stronger than side mounted rails since the weight of the box is supported underneath versus pulling down and away from the cabinet side walls.
  3. Easy Pullout Shelves are more attractive when they are extended since the beauty of the wood is not marred by white metal rails.

Another uniquely attractive feature of Easy Pullout Shelves is that, when viewing from the front, our under-mounted hardware is not readily noticed because we make our front piece ½" lower than the box. As a result, our Easy Pullout Shelves look like they were an original part of your cabinet and make your cabinets look much more appealing.

3rd Reason:
Easy Pullout Shelves offer the BEST VALUE.
What is "Value"? …It is often defined as the combination of the quality, features, and advantages versus its price.

Comparing to the competition, Easy Pullout Shelves offer:
  - Unsurpassed quality: dovetailed, all-wood….
  - Many unique features: under-mounted hardware, top edge banding….
  - Significant advantages: easiest measure and install…

When these are combined with its remarkably low price, most will agree that Easy Pullout Shelves offer the BEST VALUE.

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