1. How do I measure my cabinets for Easy Pullout Shelves?
This is the EASIEST measure in the industry!
Simply measure the clear width and depth of your cabinet opening.
• For the depth, measure from the back of cabinet to the front edge. If there is an obstruction at the back [pipe, outlet, etc.], measure from that obstruction.
• For the width, measure from the left edge of the opening to the right edge. If the door hinge protrudes into the opening, measure the clear width from that hinge.
• FYI, the Standard Pullout needs 4" clear height and the Tall Back Pullout needs 8" clear height.
Click the "Order Now" to order your Easy Pullout Shelf.

Here is an example of the ordering process:
• First, select whether you want the front of your Pullout Shelf to have the Curve Handhold or to have it Straight across the top.
• Next, go to Cabinet Depth.... if your cabinet opening's depth is 22 ½", select "for cabinet depth of 21.5" or greater".
• Next, go to Cabinet Width.... If your cabinet opening's width is 14 ¾", select "for cabinet width of 14" up to 15" wide".

Watch our videos on How to Measure and Order, or read our How to Measure document, available on our site for your review and printing.

2. What if I make a mistake measuring and it does not fit?
Send the Pullout Shelf back to us at your expense and we will send you the replacement at our expense. Email us at for the instructions on where to return the Pullout Shelf.

3. Can I get my Easy Pullout Shelves measured and installed for me?
Yes, we can arrange for this service anywhere in the continental USA.
Email your request for this with your address and the quantity to be ordered.
This service is provided by handyman services in your vicinity who have been informed about Easy Pullout Shelves on how to measure and install. The cost of the service is determined by the hourly rate of your local handyman service, which varies across the US, and by the quantity of Pullout Shelves that you order. You will pay the local handyman company directly for this service. I simply help arrange for an introduction with a company that is informed about our unique product and is interested in assisting you.

4. What is the range of widths and depths for these (93) available sizes?
Our Pullouts are designed to perfectly fit into (23) cabinet opening widths:
Made in increments of 1" of width and starting at cabinet opening widths of:
- 8" up to 9" wide
- 9" up to 10" wide
- 10" up to 11" wide
- Etc. until reaching our widest of 29" up to 30"
For openings greater than 30", we recommend that you install (2) Pullouts, one behind each cabinet door. Measure each side separately with the other door closed. Do not measure across whole cabinet width and divide by two.
Our Pullouts fit into (4) cabinet opening depths:
- 21 ½" d fits most kitchen cabinets
- 18 ½" d fits most bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets with obstructions
- 16 ½" d fits most hallway cabinets
- 13 ½" d for closet shelves and some unusual cabinets

5. How do I install the Easy Pullout Shelf?
Easy Pullout Shelves are designed to be easily installed by anyone who can use a screwdriver. Simply screw its unique Easy Install Track to your cabinet's shelf or bottom with [6] screws….. Perfectly installed!

Watch our Installation Video or read our Installation Instruction sheet to see how easy!

6. What is the warranty on my Rollouts?
For any failure of workmanship or materials, not caused by misuse or abuse, for as long as you live in your home, we will send you a replacement for the failed part at our expense. Click here for more info

7. How much weight does the Easy Pullout Shelf hold?
The Easy Pullout Shelf is made to support up to 100 lbs (including the weight of the Pullout Shelf).

8. How long will it take to get my order?
Your order will arrive in 2 to 3 weeks from your order date depending on the delivery transit time.

9. Where are Easy Pullout Shelves made?
In Orange County, California.

10. Do you offer other cabinet organizing products?
Yes, we also offer Pullout Trash Bins, Spice Racks and a few other items. If you are interested in learning more about these or have other requests, please email us at



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